Fenty Beauty’s Diamond Collection

To celebrate Fenty’s one year anniversary, they have come out with a new collection!

For this anniversary, she launched two diamond themed products. The Diamond Milk Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer and the Diamond Bomb All Over Diamond Veil. These two products are gorgeous and as expected, the packaging perfectly encapsulates the products.

The Gloss Bomb Lip Luminizer is a lip gloss with an explosive shine that feels as good as it looks. Currently, there are two shades for this lip gloss with the Diamond Milk as the newest one. The shade is a gorgeous ‘shimmering wash of milky pearls that’s like a dewy highlight for your lips’. The product includes shea butter, which helps condition your lips and making it smoother. I found the formula to be quite non-sticky while also giving a super shine. It made my lips look and feel hydrated! What I really liked was that the product was quite concentrated, only a little of the product is required for you to fully cover your lips.

The Diamond Bomb All Over Diamond Veil is amazing! When I first put my fingers on it, I was like holy, it’s one of the smoothest highlighters I’ve ever felt. It’s like a beautiful matte velvety feel that words can honestly do no justice. The powder is set in a pretty pink diamond shaped compact. The powder applies onto your face like a 3D glittering veil and delivers a pure sparkle all over your face or body. The glitter is very finely grinded and doesn’t leave any chunks or textures on your face. If you can only buy one powdered highlighter for the rest of your life, this will probably be it. One thing I had a slight issue is that the glitter doesn’t stay on your face and any contact with it will cause traces of the shimmer to transfer. I personally found that if I sprayed setting spray on my face after it does help a little for the glitter to stay and last longer.

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