Best Mooncakes in Vancouver for Mid-Autumn Festival


Maxim’s Bakery

These chain stores in Vancouver are a franchise of the original Maxim’s in Hong Kong. They sell several different traditional mooncakes ranging from lotus seed paste to red bean. In Hong Kong, Maxim’s mooncakes are pretty wide and popular. It’s the stereotypical brand that people would get to gift others as it has an impeccable reputation for being one of the best. It’s gone to the point where people scramble to buy mooncake coupons to gift them in Hong Kong.



Soirette Bakery

This time Soirette Bakery has teamed up with the Colette Grande Cafe Vancouver in Holt Renfrew to present us a popup selling gorgeous mooncakes. The idea of these mooncakes are fresh and is a fusion between Chinese and French cuisine. Instead of the typical egg yolk inside the mooncake, tasters are surprised with a deliciously soft macaron.


Saint Germain Bakery

I absolutely love getting my Chinese baked buns from Saint Germain. My personal favourites are the shredded pork fluff buns and the coconut buns. They have retailers all across Vancouver. They have a wide range of different traditional mooncakes such as lotus seed paste to black truffle. What’s great is that they also have snowy mooncakes like the ones you see in Hong Kong.

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